Tourist attractions

Wkra – the heart of the district

The location of the district upon rivers Wkra and Narew decided about its tourist-recreational direction of development. Canoeing is very popular among residents, and visitors. Wkra river which has very deep history; its legal status has been settled for over 230 years. The river meanders gently among forests and meadows. It is very friendly, the current is quiet and the river itself is considered to be very friendly to family tourism, simply ideal for first time canoeing. We encourage everyone, who wants to spend time actively and looks at the nature from a different perspective, to try drifting. An optimal solution is to take one day route from Joniec to Pomiechówek. On the distance of about 30 kilometers the river shows us its varied nature. At times the waters are deep and the terrain is virgin like. There is a lot of birds, fish, sometimes beavers can be spotted on river banks, and in a moment this peaceful, lazy stream will bring the expected relief. Wkra is a river of many names. After reaching Pomiechówek we leave our canoe at the bridge, let’s go up, nearby we have Pomiechówek’s forests (Lasy Pomiechowskie), Magnolia Tourist Inn, and Italian machine ice cream. Lovely and with tradition.

We invite You for family canoeing! In June the District Community Center organizes ‘Wianki’ (custom of throwing garlands of flowers into the water on Midsummer Night’s Eve) in Wkra River valley, and as one of the attractions it offers a canoe adventure for parents and their children. The trip is crazy, but safe, the distance isn’t very long, and the paste is slow. During stops there are integration games, and talks. Sun, children smiling, You can feel that it is high summer.


Elegant way to play golf

The golf complex Lisia Polana is a master, 18-hole golf course comprising of two loops. First nine holes loop counter clockwise encircling the property. As a result golfers have out of bounds on the right hand side on majority of first nine holes. Second nine lies inside having more water in play. Very important factor at Lisia Polana is the wind. The most common direction is west, which makes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd hole “much longer”. The course was seeded with several species of grasses well defining fairways, roughs and far roughs. Majority of greens are angulated ensuing a lot of action on final strokes. The Club organizes a whole range of events from few to few hundred people, starting with family meetings, through company meetings, conferences, and picnics. The hotel has 18 rooms, 2 apartments, a billiard room and fitness.

The Golf Academy at Lisia Polana offers also Sunday- golf school for juniors. Physical recreational activities are based on golf elements and are a great idea to spend your leisure time.  During the training coaches focus on boosting agility, balance, catching, visualization, elements of golf swing and shaping other inevitable skills required for harmonious development of Your child.

Lisia Polana Golf Club
Pomocnia 9
05-180 Pomiechówek
phone: 22 794 32 05; 22 794 31 39; 22 794 32 33

With a fishing rode on the water

If You come to Pomiechówek for fishing, you’d better get ready for both white fish and predator. Here You can easily catch bream, carp and pike and zander. You can fish in the Narew and Wkra but You can also cast a fishing rod on the waters of Lake Bledowski. The Polish Angling Association Branch No. 2 operates in the municipality and in 2012 it celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Here, where work, science and fun come together
Edemed, Wymysły 27A, 05-180 Pomiechówek
phone: 22 794 38 01, 22 794 40 07
mobile phone: 501 425 842, 602 227 012

You should visit Wymysły village, where owners of agro-educational farm present the advantages of living in the country, far from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Edemed is a place where education, ecology and medicine are one thing. During theme meetings with school- and kindergarten kids the owners, inspired by available agricultural products and surrounding nature, present the unique features of working on a farm. During Potato Day, participants learn about life cycle of this plant, its processing, they observe the production of flour, and they make fritters. The visit in the apiary shows the life of bees to the youngest, and classes called ‘Hej! Zapusty, zapusty!’ are an unconventional trip through Old Polish traditions connected with carnival and Mardi Gras. Gardening, contact with farm animals, plein-air workshops, Wymysły pod Lasem are full of ideas. For adults willing to visit Edemed owners propose lectures on pro-health behaviors, picnics, integration parties for companies, etc. Outing for heroes of socialist labor as a reminiscence of PRL (the Polish People’s Republic), honey harvest, trapper’s day. We will prove that you can’t be bores in the country.