Kultur, sport and entertainment

Schedule of chosen annual fests:

CULTURAL WOMEN DAY (KULTURALNY DZIEŃ KOBIET) (March) – realized during whole year meetings devoted to women, but not only for women have its culmination during March Women Day. The program includes: vernissages, shows of local works, lectures, recitals.

EASTER PALM COMPETITION (April) –  we invite kids, families, school groups, villages to make palms utilizing natural materials and traditional forms of decoration. The aim of the competition is to maintain the folk art.

POMIECHOWEK DAYS (May) – organized as a part of Local Government holiday, it is the biggest annual festival of the whole community. It lasts several days and this is why it targets different groups of people.

‘GARLANDS IN RIVER WKRA VALLEY (WIANKI W DOLINIE WKRY) (June) – theme canoeing allowing to integrate people utilizing advantages of Wkra, as a river perfect for canoeing.

HARVEST FESTIVAL COMBINED WITH VILLAGE COMPETITION (DOŻYNKI POŁĄCZONE Z TURNIEJEM SOŁECTW) (September) – annual parish-local holiday of farmers and village residents starts on Saturday with tournament competitions among the district villages. Than, on Sunday after the mass and consecrating traditional Harvest Festival Wreaths, the villages present their stands. While tasting the products, money for handicapped residents of our district are being raised.

WARS AND SAWA CROSS-COUNTRY RACE (September) – autumn race is a form reactivation of traditional Mazovian event; it’s a great opportunity to popularize running as an active form of spending free time. The route of cross-country races goes through very picturesque forest areas.

HISTORICAL POMIECHÓWEK (November) – a series of meeting presenting local history and promoting patriotism among kids, teenagers and adults.

CHRISTMASS MEETING OF RESIDENTS (December) – common caroling, exchanging Christmas greetings, tasting borscht, and waiting for Santa Claus.